What Do Today's Students Really Need to Succeed in the Future?

Wednesday, October 26 | 3:40PM–4:30PM | Meeting Room 303A, Level Three
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Industry and Client-Led Session
Join this panel discussion on Adobe's global research of educators and Gen Z students on harnessing creative problem solving and ways teachers can nurture it. Leading creativity researchers and educators will explore the findings and discuss creativity in the future workforce, as well as how Gen Z students are changing and preparing for a new perception of creativity.

Outcomes: Engage in live dialogue between Gen Z students, educators, and influencers to uncover the synergies and gaps between students and educators today * Develop a stronger understanding of the different ways students learn today * Learn about the tools that students and educators see as most helpful to them in developing creativity and the discipline/experiences needed to put them into practice


  • Jonathan Huer

    Sr. Solution Architect AI, AT&T
  • Gerard Puccio

    Chair & Professor, SUNY Buffalo State
  • Tacy Trowbridge

    Education, Adobe