Adaptive Simulations: A Case Study in Personalized Learning

Tuesday, February 14 | 1:45PM–2:30PM | Houston Ballroom VI
Session Type: Breakout Session
In this session, the speakers will discuss how the intersection of personalized learning practice, high-fidelity simulations, and learning design will create a better overall wet lab experience in the sciences nationwide. Students will be able to use simulated lab experiences to better prepare for wet labs, resulting in more efficiency, less waste, and reduced cost to institutions and the students they serve. Furthermore, instructors will remain at the pedagogical center of lab-based learning experiences, as the simulation tool will be a comprehensive "lab builder," giving faculty the flexibility to design almost any experiment or technique they might ask of students in the wet lab.

Identify characteristics of adaptive simulations that enable you to reduce costs (for students and for the institution) and improve student results * Discuss best practices related to customizing and implementing next-generation science lab experiences * Create and identify clear steps for innovating chemistry lab instruction


  • Jon Monahan

    Director of Partner Solutions, zyBooks