ELI 2017 Leadership Seminar

The ELI Leadership Seminar, Instigating Academic Transformation: Move the Needle, is a designed as an extended learning opportunity threaded throughout the annual meeting program. The goals for this seminar are:

  • To consider the current state of higher education’s response to current and emerging transformational forces;
  • To explore the potential impact of new and emerging technologies and pedagogical models;
  • To envision the potential for new and revolutionary systems, services, and models that address the needs of future learners;
  • To identify and describe specific strategies that “move the needle”; and
  • To instigate the transformational process within higher education by establishing commitments to action at participants’ local institution.

This leadership seminar is a blended learning offering that includes a webinar kick-off session (Part 1 below) followed by a face-to-face component embedded in the ELI annual meeting program as described in the detailed schedule below.

This interactive seminar will engage participants in a series of activities based on a transformational formula leading to the generation of new and novel approaches to instigating academic transformation. Through online and face-to-face activities this workshop will address both national as well as local barriers to change within higher education and develop actionable strategies. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will have developed a list of strategies and techniques they can apply at their home institutions. Participants will also be encouraged to commit to a course of action at their home institution and share the results with the other participants.


The seminar is for individuals at multiple levels of leadership with direct or indirect responsibilities to instigate and forward innovation and change within their home institution or organization. Individuals with technology experience, academic backgrounds, instructional and media design, as well as program planning and evaluation experience are welcomed.


The leadership seminar requires separate registration, includes all sessions listed below, and a hosted seminar lunch on Tuesday. To register for the Leadership Seminar, you must also register for the ELI Annual Meeting in Houston, TX.

View this short video designed by the leadership seminar facilitators describing the seminar goals, online component, face-to-face activities, and suggested resources to be reviewed prior to attending the seminar in Houston.

Part 1, Online: January 24 at 2:00—3:00 PM Eastern Time (leadership seminar registrants only)

This online kick-off session is designed to establish community and develop a shared understanding of the current and slightly-future disruptors within higher ed. Together we will define and characterize the barriers and resistance to change within our own organizations. The session will serve as a foundation for the on-site experiences that include examining the vision of the future, the affordances of technology and pedagogy, and the definition of next steps toward action.

Part 2, at the ELI Annual Meeting: Monday, February 13, 2017 from 9:00–11:00 AM Central Time, Fort Bend (leadership seminar registrants only)

This session will introduce participants to the formula for change and will build upon outcomes generated during the online kick-off session.  Participants will examine their own institution’s readiness for change and will explore and construct possible visions of the future.

Monday learning objectives will include:

  • Review leadership seminar goals
  • Prioritize and summarize key disruptors to higher education
  • Identify barriers to change in context
  • Develop possible alternative learning futures and scenarios

Part 3, at the ELI Annual Meeting: Tuesday, February 14, 2017 at 11:45 AM–1:30 PM Central Time, Fort Bend  (leadership seminar registrants only)

Participants will examine the affordances disruptors offer, and through small and whole-group activities, will extend, combine, and create potentially new alternatives (cases) with an eye toward leveraging them in order to overcome existing barriers to change.

Tuesday learning objectives will include:

  • Identify and discuss affordances
  • Explore ways to leverage affordances in context
  • Generate strategies and techniques to overcome barriers

Part 4, at the ELI Annual Meeting: Wednesday, February 15, 2017 at 8:00–9:15 AM Central Time, Fort Bend  (leadership seminar registrants only)

In this closing session, participants will review the collection of ideas and strategies generated, and will develop an action plan to apply outcomes in order to advance the transformation agenda at their home institutions.

Wednesday learning objectives will include:

  • Review participants' change priorities and strategies for implementation
  • Reflect on key take-aways and lessons learned
  • Identify next steps for action