ELI 2017 Leadership Seminar: Instigating Academic Transformation: Move the Needle (Part 2) (separate registration is required)

Monday, February 13 | 9:00AM–11:00AM | Fort Bend
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Delivery Format: Leadership Seminar
This session will introduce participants to the formula for change and will build on outcomes generated during the online kick-off session. You will examine your institution's readiness for change and will explore and construct possible visions of the future.

Outcomes: Review leadership seminar goals * Prioritize and summarize key disruptors to higher education * Identify barriers to change in context * Develop possible alternative learning futures and scenarios

For more information on each of the leadership seminar parts, see https://events.educause.edu/eli/annual-meeting/2017/agenda/eli-2017-leadership-seminar-instigating-academic-transformation-move-the-needle-part-2-separate-registration-is-required


  • Larry Ragan

    CEO Ragan Education, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Kimberly York

    Senior Director of Information Technology, University of Pennsylvania