Engaged Leadership: A Necessary Ingredient in Academic Change

Tuesday, February 14 | 3:15PM–4:00PM | Houston Ballroom V
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Join us to explore the case of accelerating adaptive learning at Oregon State. We start with the need for more rapid development and deployment of new ideas. Momentum is part of it, but engagement is really what it's all about. Follow us on the path as we attempt to pull the university toward an intentional look at how to solve the issue of learner success. We'll explore each step from the point of view of undergraduate education, information technology, and disruptive innovation, and then engage the audience in a world café once around.

Outcomes: Identify internal and external factors and drivers associated with innovative learning opportunities that will have a reasonable degree of potential for success *Identify the need and process for incorporating broad institutional leadership into innovative learning initiatives *Compare successful basic ideas from learning innovation initiatives from other universities


  • Lois Brooks

    CIO and Vice Provost for Information Technology, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Dave King King

    Professor Emeritus/Associate Provost (retired), Oregon State University
  • Susana Rivera-Mills

    Vice Provost and Dean, Undergraduate Studies, Oregon State University