Failing Strategically: Learning from Your Epic Fails

Wednesday, February 15 | 10:15AM–11:00AM | Houston Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Our culture wants us to be positive and focus on success. But if you take risks and innovate in educational technology or any other field, you're going to fail occasionally. In this session, you will learn strategies for taking risks and embracing failure. This session is about making the most of failures by developing a strategic and blame-free approach to identifying types of failure, learning from them, and mitigating the worst results.

Outcomes: Describe and classify the types of failures you observe and experience *Develop strategies for avoiding predictable failures and mitigating failures-in-progress at your institution *Cut through blame and victimhood to identify and capitalize on the learning opportunities presented by professional failures


  • Matthew Aron

    Director of Academic Technologies, Emory University
  • Victoria Getis

    Senior Director, Teaching & Learning Technologies, Northwestern University
  • Erin Green

    Learning Technologist Lead, Northwestern University

Resources & Downloads

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