From College Application to Graduation: Leveraging Mobile Technology to Increase Student Success (by invitation only)

Tuesday, February 14 | 1:45PM–2:30PM | Houston Ballroom I, II, III
Session Type: Breakout Session
Students face formidable nonacademic barriers along the road to successfully completing their education. Research has identified seven milestones in the classroom-to-career journey where students' practical skills are tested in a number of key areas, such as managing personal finances and time, handling debt, career planning, and many other issues linked with college completion and student satisfaction with the postsecondary investment. Session attendees will work in small groups to brainstorm how mobile technology solutions can empower students for success as they navigate these critical points in the student life cycle.


  • Craig Anderson

    President, Student Connections
  • Tammy Lakes

    Vice President, Product Innovation, Student Connections