I'm Just a Bill: The Data Science Version

Tuesday, February 14 | 10:45AM–11:30AM | Houston Ballroom V
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Interactive Presentation
Many Gen Xers learned how a bill becomes a law in the United States from Schoolhouse Rock's "I'm Just a Bill." This song helped make a seemingly complex process both memorable and understandable. Data science is couched in the same air of complexity, and that black box thinking hurts the utility and adoption of these approaches. While we don't have a catchy song, we do have concrete examples of how we've been able to use data science to extract value and utility form raw data.

Outcomes: Learn specifically how an institution can turn raw data into valuable information that have promote student success *"Sorta kinda" understand higher ed data science *Understand how a random forest machine learning algorithm works (using the "Plinko" analogy)


  • Mike Sharkey

  • John Whitmer

    Senior Fellow, Federation of American Scientists

Resources & Downloads

  • Im Just a Bill The Data Science Version_slides

    4 MB, pdf - Updated on 1/22/2024