Learning Analytics 101

Tuesday, February 14 | 10:00AM–10:45AM | Houston Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
During this poster session, staff from the Purdue University Studio team will discuss the implementation of a recently developed teaching and learning tool, Pattern. Pattern allows students to better utilize their own data to become better learners. Details will be shared about a data-driven paradigm shift directed at students as consumers of their own learning data. Development of the application, implementation, and outcomes of a cross-institutional pilot of this unique learner analytics application will frame the conversation. Learn how Purdue University is empowering students to make better, more informed decisions by putting the data back in their hands. Purdue has identified key behaviors that correlate to academic success and have created an easy-to-use application for students to receive recommendations and take action. Through this process, Purdue has identified important steps and missteps that everyone needs to be aware of when launching an institution-wide big data project.

Outcomes: Understand the theoretical use case and research central to a learner analytic initiative *Understand principles for applying learner analytics to create more reflective learners *Be able to plan and carry out a cross-institutional technology pilot


  • Anthony Newman

    Executive Director, REN-ISAC, REN-ISAC