Learning Warriors: Undergraduate Students as Learning Fellows

Wednesday, February 15 | 10:15AM–11:00AM | Houston Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
How can undergraduates transform a class they've already taken? UC Boulder introduced the Learning Assistant Alliance, bringing undergraduates into lecture courses to transform the environment of these (mostly STEM) courses. Building from this model, Dartmouth created a Learning Fellow program across our curriculum. Learning Fellows attend classes and help professors facilitate small group activities. This session will review how best to begin and customize such a program, explore the role of Learning Fellows as agents of change on campus, and experiment with how traditional lectures can be transformed into dynamic, active-learning courses with a team-based approach.

Outcomes: Analyze opportunities and challenges for implementing active learning strategies with Learning Fellows *identify strategies for recruiting, training, and supporting undergraduate students as Learning Fellows empowered with an understanding of how people learn *Discuss data results from the literature base and Dartmouth's own evaluations to draw conclusions about the impact of Learning Fellow programs


  • Erin DeSilva

    Senior Director, Learning Design and Innovation, Dartmouth College
  • Adrienne Gauthier

    Learning Designer, Dartmouth College
  • Kes Schroer

    Instructional Designer, Dartmouth College