Presentation Pair: Accessibility and Universal Design

Monday, February 13 | 3:00PM–3:45PM | Montgomery
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Short Presentation Pairs
Remove Barriers with Universal Design for Learning (Not the Ones You Think)
To help make educational materials and practices inclusive for all learners, in this interactive session we will radically reflect on how to motivate and inspire faculty members and campus support areas to adopt Universal Design for Learning (UDL): broaden the focus away from learners with disabilities and toward a larger ease of use/general diversity framework. Participants will learn five specific strategies they can implement tomorrow—and learn how to convince campus leaders, faculty colleagues, and other support areas why adopting UDL principles is not only a social-justice practice but also a sound business decision.

Outcomes: Add UDL elements to existing courses, and design/retrofit course components using UDL principles *Motivate faculty colleagues to adopt UDL as part of the campus culture *Expand your institution's use of UDL elements beyond the legally required minimum

Innovating beyond Just "It's Accessible"
We've learned for years how to "fix" accessibility issues on the web. Well, if you're tired of "just fixing" them, attend this session to learn about ways to expand beyond just "it's accessible" into improved usability and helping users empathize with different conditions through simulation. We'll demonstrate libraries like Annyang, JWERTY, Speed Reader, Open Dyslexic, AblePlayer, MaterializeCSS, H5P, and other open technologies combined with the way we employ them in ELMS Learning Network (ELMS:LN) to form the most interactive and accessible NGDLE that exists today.

Outcomes: Improve the accessibility and usability of your work through a new toolkit of JavaScript libraries *Empathize with users that have visual impairments such as dyslexia through real time simulation *Envision the future design of learning technologies through voice based communication systems


  • btopro Ollendyke

    ELMS:LN Project Lead, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Thomas Tobin

    Senior Teaching & Learning Designer, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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