Presentation Pair: Analytics

Monday, February 13 | 3:00PM–3:45PM | Houston Ballroom V
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Short Presentation Pairs
Does Delayed Access to Instructional Materials Impact Student Performance?
As a person who is associated with a teaching institution, you are interested in improving performance of students. Did you know that there is something that potentially impacts performance in a significant way that you were not aware of? We looked at the question, "Does lack of access to textbooks and digital instruction resource significantly learning performance?" Based on data analysis using techniques in learning analytics, early research evidence indicates, indeed there is an impact. So, what interventions can we apply? We will share some ways to intervene and address the issue.

Outcomes: Understand the impact of delayed access to course material and be able to address the issue at your institution *Understand how to design messages that are effective at nudging students to obtain access to key course materials *Perform effect-size calculations on any data that you have or will have a concrete application of these methods for your data

Quantifying Quality: How Collecting and Utilizing Data Can Improve Effectiveness
Data can help shape university practices to produce more effective learning experiences and increase student retention, leading to academic and workplace success. By asking compelling questions and collecting pertinent information through multiple formats, institutions can analyze results to learn what works and what misses the mark in university work with students. We will take you on a path of discovery to identify valuable questions for higher education, key data sets, and areas of exploration that have proven successful for Colorado State University–Global Campus in its ongoing work on quantifying quality toward student success.

Outcomes: Synthesize and visualize data for student success *Create appropriate questions and data direction for collection *Apply learned data collection skills to individual institution needs


  • Lalitha Agnihotri

    Senior Learning and Data Scientist, McGraw Hill Education
  • Sondra D'Aquisto

    Manager of Institutional Research, Colorado State University-Global Campus
  • Alfred Essa

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