Presentation Pair: Leading Academic Transformation

Tuesday, February 14 | 10:45AM–11:30AM | Houston Ballroom VII
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Short Presentation Pairs
Redesigning College Remediation for Working Adults: Essentials for a Sharable, Scalable CBE Technology and Framework
We will outline principles for a competency-based redesign of higher education academic remediation and use the JUICE FITW grant-funded project to demonstrate implementation and results. The design goal is to offer students a choice of friendly and engaging competency-based review and practice options that are contextually relevant and available "just in time" to support academic skills required for the online project or assignment at hand. A demonstration of the learning platform will show the competencies and skill framework, personalized interactive learning, use of real world contexts and game-based practice, LMS integration, data capabilities for ongoing research, and potential for an open model.

Outcomes: Identify key design principles for an unconventional, competency-based redesign of developmental (remedial) education *Explore the roles of learning technology, a skills framework, real-time authoring and revision, and data *Argue the potential benefits or drawbacks of a more open, sharable platform, including a faster response to the national development education crisis and overcoming limitations of commercial "walled garden" platforms

Creating a Competency-Based Teaching Online Certificate for Faculty Professional Development
Institutions might struggle with the development and maintenance of an online teaching credential localized to their institutions, and external providers could provide a solution for institutions. However, these long, cohort-based programs demand a lot of faculty time. With a competency-based framework, Quality Matters (QM) developed a Teaching Online Certificate consisting of a series of seven short workshops that enable the flexibility faculty need in their professional development. Meaningful evidence is generated through each workshop, which is tied to a digital credential that can be shared on social media and enables existing and potential employers to vet potential online instructors.

Outcomes: Identify online instructor tasks for online teaching *Describe the QM Teaching Online Certificate program *Discuss how to connect competencies to evidenced-backed credentials


  • Brenda Boyd

    Vice President: Program Services, Quality Matters
  • Mary Ann Perry

    Director, FITW JUICE Program, Southern New Hampshire University

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