Presentation Pair: Virtual Reality

Tuesday, February 14 | 4:15PM–5:00PM | Houston Ballroom V
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Short Presentation Pairs
Designing and Evaluating Virtual Reality for Learning
Virtual reality is a recognized method for creating highly immersive and pedagogically valuable learning experiences, when appropriately designed. The cost to create and view VR has previously meant that this method of teaching has been limited to those with ample resources. This presentation will outline a number of off-the-shelf technologies that can been used to create and view simple VR experiences. Applications of VR will be presented, including orientation to learning laboratories and virtual fieldwork tours. Based on these scenarios, lessons learned in terms of designing these experiences, educational value, and current technological limitations will be outlined.

Outcomes: Learn about the potential of VR and identify applications within your own context *Explore some of the ubiquitous tools (software and hardware) that can be used to create VR experiences and understand their limitations *Explore a model that can be used to design and evaluate the affordances and pedagogical value of educational VR experiences

Virtual Reality in the Classroom
Virtual reality and 3D video, long-time dreams of both science fiction writers and Internet theorists, are now becoming an accessible tool for faculty and students. This presentation will use faculty case studies to explore the past, present, and future applications of virtual reality in teaching and learning. The end of the session will give users a chance to try current virtual reality equipment.

Outcomes: Learn how faculty in a variety of disciplines integrate VR in their teaching, learning, and research *Explore the strengths and weaknesses of current VR technology and how these might affect its integration into the classroom *Explore VR content, including some features firsthand


  • Kelly Egan

    Lead Instructional Multimedia Coordinator, Brown University
  • Farzana Latif

    Head of Digital Education, University of Sheffield