Quality Assurance and the Next Generation Learning Environment

Tuesday, February 14 | 10:00AM–10:45AM | Houston Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
Quality assurance and the next generation digital learning environment both have noble goals, yet they seem to work at cross-purposes. On the one hand, QA makes course design more legible for the learners. On the other hand, the NGDLE promises a learning environment that is unencumbered by "walled gardens." Yet, courses that achieved QA recognition at our institution stayed within the confines of their well-tended but walled gardens. Our poster will present research into the relationship between quality assurance and course readiness for the NGDLE. We will also discuss communities of practice as a means to have quality and innovation.

Outcomes: Identify the dynamic on your campus between quality assurance and the NGDLE *Explore how communities of practice might help achieve the twin goals of quality assurance and pedagogical innovation *Develop a network of people who are trying to foster the NGDLE within the structures in place on your campus


  • Todd Dresser

  • Nathan Kraftcheck