Tour of Houston Community College’s Innovation Center, The West Houston Institute (2 1/2 hours, including travel) (separate registration is required)

Tuesday, February 14 | 1:30PM–4:00PM | Meet in Hotel Lobby
Session Type: Additional Fee Program
Please preregister for this complimentary tour within the conference registration form. A shuttle bus will be provided for registrant transportation to view the West Houston Institute.

Tour the West Houston Institute, Houston Community College’s new innovation center. The creative team will be on hand to describe how we’re integrating programs and spaces to create innovation in teaching, learning, and higher education design. The components of the institute include an open makerspace, a facilitated collaboration center, a conference center, undergraduate science research labs, and a unique learning commons. Complementary programs include the Teaching Innovation Lab, the IDEAS Academy, STEAMworks, the Center for Entrepreneurship, and Making and Creativity programs. The building will soft-open in April 2017, but the spaces will be substantially complete for the tour.

Outcomes: *Designing spaces for innovation and creativity *Designing programs for innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship *Creating opportunities for diversity across a broad range of participants