Transformation through Adaptation: Making General Education Exciting, Relevant, and Imperative

Wednesday, February 15 | 10:15AM–11:00AM | Houston Ballroom Foyer
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
While the types and missions of postsecondary institutions vary as widely as the types of students we serve, general education has long been a cornerstone of postsecondary education. This venerable component of education faces crisis in a landscape dominated by students motivated primarily by increasing earning power and obtaining jobs. Join us this session as we offer practical advice based on our own ongoing successes for how these departments can successfully transform again into a field that is exciting, relevant, and imperative through adoption of new pedagogical approaches, adapting to student needs and motives, and embracing adaptive technology.

Outcomes: Understand the importance of transforming general education departments through adaptation to meet the needs of today's students *Adopt concrete strategies for aligning pedagogy and classroom approach to students' needs *Explore the benefit of adaptive learning technology in general education courses for students, faculty, and institutions


  • J.A. (Jay) McLeeland

    Associate Professor: Lead Faculty of History, Government, and Political Science, Colorado Technical University
  • Amy Sloan

    Program Chair for General Education, Colorado Technical University

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