xAPI for Actionable Learner Data Collection - Sponsored learning space design and furniture provided by Steelcase Education, Gold Partner

Monday, February 13 | 4:00PM–4:45PM | Harris
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Hands-On Workshop
As learning occurs more and more beyond the traditional LMS digital spaces, stakeholders wonder, How do I know what students are really doing online? With xAPI and some planning, it is possible to track learner engagement with online content like articles, videos, quizzes, Storyline objects, etc., in ways that generate actionable data for learners, faculty, instructional designers, and program managers. xAPI provides a way for us to construct a story detailing learner interactions, allowing e-learning professionals insight into how students are using content and how their use impacts their performance in a course.

Outcomes: Learn about the capabilities of xAPI technology and how it can be applied to collect learner data *Analyze xAPI statements to make judgments about online learner experiences *Develop strategies that can be implemented at your institution to begin utilizing xAPI for experience data collection


  • btopro Ollendyke

    ELMS:LN Project Lead, The Pennsylvania State University
  • Katrina Wehr

    Instructional Designer, The Pennsylvania State University

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