Presentation Pair: Learning Environments

Tuesday, February 14 | 9:15AM–10:00AM | Houston Ballroom VI
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Short Presentation Pairs
Building the Next Generation Digital Learning Environment Using Tsugi
This presentation will give an overview of the Tsugi project and applications of the Tsugi software in building a distributed approach to teaching and learning tools and content. One company involved in the Internet of Things claims that "the next big thing will be a lot of small things." If we apply this logic to the educational technology marketplace, an essential element needed to achieve the NGDLE is to reduce the granularity of the learning content and applications to the individual teacher or even individual student. Tsugi is a 100% open-source effort that is part of the Apereo Foundation.

Outcomes: Better understand the interoperability standards in educational technology and how they will be used to make the NGDLE possible *Better understanding the challenges in building the NDGLE and understand a possible path to meet them *Learn where to start if you are interested in building an interoperable learning tool or hosting interoperable learning content to be shared with others online

Welcome to the Exam Commons: Reimagining Online Academic Testing in Higher Ed
We will discuss the planning and implementation of a large-scale, web-based academic testing facility on our campus and elaborate on the new Exam Commons space, the technology employed, and how students and faculty use the space. We will also demonstrate how the Exam Commons works from both a technological and operational standpoint. We'll address questions regarding the Exam Commons' technological needs, operational procedures, and policy decisions and share conclusions based on data reporting and analytics.

Outcomes: Identify a set of questions required to define your on-campus testing needs *Determine the resources necessary to begin implementing an online testing system on your campus *Learn how our implementation strategies could be used on your campus


  • Amy Barry

    Assistant Director, Academic Technologies, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Nick Barry

    Applications Development & Support Manager, University of Nebraska - Lincoln
  • Charles Severance

    Clinical Professor, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

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