"But We've Always...": Helping Teams Navigate New Waters

Tuesday, October 15 | 4:15PM–5:00PM CT | W178a, Level 1
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation Pair
This paired session features two presentations with unique perspectives on a closely related topic.

Session 1: Rock in the Stream: Finding Educationally Sound Footing

Universities everywhere are currently undergoing rapid change, which is tumultuous to faculty, students, and staff. While bringing on new initiatives and paving the way for the future, we must find ways to be the stability for those around us.

Outcomes: Categorize how change is impacting you on multiple levels (self, department, program, institution) * Develop strategies to help anchor your own work/departments/programs * Compile concrete ideas on how to ensure a smooth transition and, more realistically, how to "flex" when things go wrong

Presenter:Peg Checchi (Rush University)

Session 2: Hey, Let's Do IT Together!

Navigating organizational change can be challenging. Find out how UW-Madison Operational Support teams approached new leadership, new expectations, and the challenge to overcome historically embedded culture.

Outcomes: Learn how to approach managing change no matter what the organization's size * Learn how to identify and break through embedded organizational cultural barriers * Get strategies to assist with the change process

Presenters:Patti Havlicek and Nathan Royko Maurer (University of Wisconsin–Madison)


  • Peg Checchi

    Instructional Designer, Rush University
  • Patti Havlicek

    Assoc Dir Cybersecurity - Risk Management & Compliance, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Nathan Royko Maurer

    IT Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Resources & Downloads

  • Helping Teams Navigate New Waters PPT

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  • Educause 2019 Rock in the Stream

    Updated on 11/26/2019