CIO Experience

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Elevate Your Leadership and Peer Connections

At the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, hundreds of CIOs and leadership aspirants from around the world—representing all types and sizes of colleges and universities—convene to share a passion for engaging within their community. Here, they contribute to a better understanding of the strategic role of technology in higher education.

Together we inspire each other to lead change and empower transformation, transcend our focus on day-to-day operations, and help shape the future of product and service offerings.

Conference Opportunities


Braindates are one-on-one or small group conversations that you book with other event participants about a specific topic—one that you request or offer. This will allow you to curate your learning experience and create meaningful connections. Learn More >>

CIO Community Group Session

Meet with your peers to focus on the challenges facing CIOs, including funding strategies, partnerships, keeping pace with increasing expectations for services, and the CIO's evolving role. Open to everyone, regardless of participation status in the constituent group. Learn More >>

CIO Diversity Commitment

Executives who represent EDUCAUSE member institutions will have the opportunity before, during, and after the conference to virtually "sign" a commitment to enhance opportunities for underrepresented groups to eliminate barriers to full participation in technology professions in our institutions and the technology industry generally. Learn More >>

Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum

This event brings together IT and academic affairs leaders to explore how higher education is currently and can best achieve meaningful innovation. The Forum will examine several models of innovation in higher education, as well as specific topics such as accelerating student success, the role of data, and digital ethics. Learn More >>

Executive Career Coaching

Complimentary and confidential one-on-one career advice meetings with executive search firm representatives will be available to higher education CIOs and CIO aspirants attending the conference. Learn More >>

Hawkins Leadership Roundtable

This roundtable convenes new CIOs and those actively seeking their first CIO role to focus on high-level IT questions, discuss important IT leadership issues, and engage in intensive networking with peers and experienced CIOs. Learn More >>