Coordinating Campus Computer Purchases

Tuesday, October 15 | 5:00PM–5:45PM CT | Board 807, Poster Area, Halls F1, F2, Level 3
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
For standard PC purchases, departments at Illinois State University annually come together cooperatively to determine specifications and combine their buying power for additional discounts. This approach drives standards and IT staff knowledge without enforcing top-down schemes. The participation of the vendor community increases through this systematic approach to technology procurement.

Outcomes: Learn about collaborating with college and university department IT leadership with the goal of the best price * Learn how to collect information for vendor partner negotiations and present the opportunity * Learn how to partner with procurement officers and ensure the best price on quotes


  • Dave Greenfield

    Director, TechZone & Stud Techn, Illinois State University
  • Jason Link

    TechZone Sales Manager, Illinois State University