Great Power, Great Responsibility: Grappling with Predictive Analytics and Ethics

Wednesday, October 16 | 4:00PM–4:45PM CT | Board 401, Poster Area, Halls F1, F2, Level 3
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
As colleges learn how to do more with less, predictive analytics is becoming a powerful tool for fostering student and institutional success. But with great power comes great responsibility. This session will explore what it means to use predictive analytics ethically, highlighting potential challenges and equipping participants with best practices.

Outcomes: Learn about how colleges are using predictive analytics to foster student and institutional success * Learn about the ethical pitfalls that come with using predictive analytics * Be able to reference New America's 5 guiding practices for effective and ethical use


  • Alejandra Acosta

    Policy Analyst, New America