Lightning Round Session: Making an Impact with Innovative Ideas

Tuesday, October 15 | 10:45AM–11:30AM CT | W178a, Level 1
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Lightning Round
This lightning round will pack as much information into one session as possible. Hear succinct, engaging presentations on a variety of topics. Each will be 10 minutes long, with a Q&A at the end of the session.

Lightning Round 1: Transforming Learning through a Meta-analysis on Humor

Join us to explore research-based techniques to integrate learning, culture, and humor to improve the learning environment. Drawing on research and brain-based concepts, we will examine a theoretical model of humor, along with practical examples of its integration with teaching, leadership, and culture.

Outcomes: Explore the research behind humor and understand why it's such a powerful tool * Learn about the 9 areas humor has a significant effect on * Be able to develop your own plan of humor, or humor style, to improve in the 9 areas

Presenters: Peter Jonas (Cardinal Stritch University)

Lightning Round 2: Overcoming the Obstacles of Machine Learning at an Institutional Scale

Sophisticated machine learning algorithms provide big opportunities for educational systems, but their increasing complexity also presents big obstacles, requiring specialized training and analytical toolkits. In this session, we will describe how Indiana University and Google are overcoming these obstacles, deploying advanced models at scale with a tool that makes modeling easy.

Outcomes: Discover examples of innovative applications of machine learning techniques at scale * Grasp the difficulty in implementing these increasingly sophisticated machine learning methods * Learn about how one university is leveraging cloud-based machine learning tools for overcoming these challenges

Presenters: Benjamin Motz, Joshua Quick, Jason Kaetzel

Lightning Round 3: Practical VR

You'll will be guided through the process of creating an interactive virtual reality experience using 360-degree camera images and InstaVR authoring software. Attend this session to acquire a basic understanding of how to create interactive VR experiences for any subject matter.

Outcomes: Explore the basic tools and techniques of 360-degree photography and VR asset acquisition * Understand the basics of interactive VR authoring * Learn how to create an interactive VR experience for use at your institution

Presenters: Eric Tornoe (University of St. Thomas)


  • Peter Jonas

  • Jason Kaetzel

    Principal Solutions Analyst, Indiana University
  • Ben Motz

    Assistant Professor, Indiana University
  • Eric Tornoe

    Associate Director of Research Computing and Emerging Technology, University of St. Thomas