The Campus Digital Divide: Exploring How IT Policies Impact Equity, Access, and Privacy

Tuesday, October 15 | 10:45AM–12:15PM CT | W180, Level 1
Session Type: Breakout Session
Information technology on college campuses has significantly influenced the ways in which campus communities connect, learn, and produce knowledge. Despite the positive impact IT has on college campuses, research suggests that when IT is not thoughtfully managed, resulting policies and execution can perpetuate and "reinforce existing class structures" (Gilliard, 2016). This panel will focus on digital redlining, its connection to the campus digital divide, and how IT leaders can implement strategies and policies that remove inequities and improve access.

This panel session connects the big ideas at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference to people on our campuses. We seek to bring to the conference the voices of our non-IT colleagues, students, faculty and administrators to create a dialogue around a big idea, our campus communities, and technology. The focus is on how IT leaders can engage on the issue and how technology contributes to the challenge or can aid the solution.


  • Robyn Adams

    Student, Michigan State University
  • Jill Dunlap

    Director for Research and Practice, NASPA - Student Affairs Administrators in Higher Education
  • Bill Fitzgerald

    Senior Privacy Officer, LearnPlatform Inc
  • Joseph Moreau

    Executive Consultant, Higher Digital, Inc.