Building Campus Resilience for the Human and Machine in the Digital Age: How to Frame This Epic Challenge?

Friday, October 29 | 8:30AM–9:15AM ET | Ballroom AB, 300 Level
Viewing Location: Philadelphia
Session Type: Featured Session
Delivery Format: Featured Session
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This session will frame a key challenge facing campus leaders: how to build resilience in the human and machine while navigating the onrushing wave of digital transformation. The framework calls attention to major socio-technical forces that are gathering momentum, accelerated by COVID-19, resulting in the rapid growth of cyber space/cloud and intelligent robotics. While digital transformation may yield wonderous benefit, when these systems overlap with humans (students, faculty, staff) and digital machines, they may create new vulnerabilities and instability, placing resilience at risk.


  • Mark Hagerott

    Chancellor, North Dakota University System