Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum

"Innovation as a Function of Resilience"

Necessity is the mother of invention.

Humans have long felt the impact of disruptive events as catalysts for change. The current global pandemic has pushed us to adapt and innovate at an accelerated pace, and from this, we will emerge a changed and more resilient citizenry. Higher education institutions have experienced unparalleled challenges during the pandemic with regard to holding classes, conducting research, hosting sports competitions, and providing traditional collegiate life experiences to students. Few things from the pre-pandemic university environment translated well to an online experience or to a pod-based, individualized environment. The pandemic has driven us to evolve our mindset for teaching, learning, research, and socializing; trained us to expect the unexpected, and helped to cultivate a new level of comfort with ambiguity.

This year's Diana G. Oblinger Innovation Forum explores innovation as a function of resilience. Resilient institutions and individuals have adapted most creatively and well to the changes and uncertainties of this moment. And resilience will continue to be needed to emerge and recover from the pandemic.

Join us in exploring innovation as a function of resilience in the following sessions:

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