Customer-Centric Transformation

Thursday, October 28 | 1:15PM–2:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Breakout Session
Delivery Format: Presentation/Panel Session

Information Technology at The New School has instituted a systematic approach to achieve customer satisfaction by developing an action-driven and outcome-oriented customer-centric framework. The framework starts with policy and includes culture, organization, procedures, empowerments, tools, and measurements, and closes the loop through continuous improvement. Our continuous improvement is based on the implementation of a series of KPIs that provide customer insights guiding a partnership model to enable the collaborative development of IT services and support. Based on customer feedback, we have launched innovative initiatives and overhauled stale ones to improve the customer experience on and off campus, including enhancing the classroom environment, improving campus connectivity, and altering support methodologies to better serve the needs of our university. This session will introduce our approach to the customer-centric framework and offer insights into implementing and understanding various customer feedback channels for strategic planning. Demonstrating the changes made to our services and support based on community needs, we will also highlight how these changes have fostered a more collaborative approach to the development of critical initiatives.


  • Kayla O'Daniel

    Senior Director of Customer Experience, The New School