Equity, Consistency, Humanity: The Emerging Potential of AI to Improve Learning Experiences

Wednesday, October 27 | 1:15PM–1:35PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Industry Led
Delivery Format: Presentation/Panel Session
This session will be recorded for later viewing

Artificial intelligence (AI), it seems, is infiltrating every corner of higher education. From improving the efficiency of sprinkler systems to supporting students with virtual teaching assistants, AI has quickly become a near-ubiquitous presence on campus. Perhaps for good reason. Colleges and universities are being asked to do more with less, as they grapple with shifting demographics, the ongoing financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the need to not just respond to but also anticipate the needs of today’s students. And a growing body of research suggests that AI can play a role in helping institutions tackle pernicious challenges—from “summer melt” to student engagement—and scale the sort of effective learning experiences that lead to improved academic outcomes, persistence, and retention. How can emerging technologies like AI help institutions not just scale consistent learning experiences but also promote equity and personalize learning? Perhaps paradoxically, AI is helping institutions better implement some of the most “human” parts of the educational experience, such as helping advisors better understand which students are at risk of a failing grade or alleviating the burden of repetitive feedback for instructors so they can focus on deeper and more individual support. At this panel, join institutional leaders and technologists to discuss the changing role of AI and its potential to build a more engaging (and human) learning experience.


  • Craig Booth

    Chief Technology Officer, Packback, LLC
  • Tyra Gross

    Assistant professor, Xavier University of Louisiana
  • Gangaram Singh

    Executive Vice President & Provost, National University