Hot Topics in IT Service Management

Wednesday, October 27 | 12:15PM–1:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Meeting
Delivery Format: Community Group Meeting
The IT Service Management Community Group will quickly summarize the events our CG held over the last year and introduce the purpose of our community. The majority of this session will be an open discussion around current hot topics in ITSM. We use an Open Space format to identify the topics we want to break out and discuss in detail with the opportunity for everyone to engage in the topics they care about most. We expect to hear about how COVID-19 affected ITSM and what the new normal might look like for our ITSM efforts. This session is just a waypoint by connecting people with similar passions to engage in conversations during and after the conference.


  • Bob Black

    Assistant Director, IT Process and Planning, Miami University
  • Mark Katsouros

    Director, IT Support Services, Duquesne University