Small College Dx in the Time of COVID

Wednesday, October 27 | 4:15PM–5:00PM ET | Board 409, Poster Area, Exhibit Hall A, 200 Level
Viewing Location: Philadelphia
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster
Digital transformation (Dx) has been defined in many ways. Fundamentally, it is about changing the way we go about getting our work done, from the processes we use to the tools we provide and are provided. This compares to digitization, which is the still-important but very different process of changing analog methods into digital ones (digital forms is the easiest example).The “great pivot” of 2020 in response to the pandemic caused massive transitions throughout all organizations. Much of this was in the form of digitization efforts. But what of actual Dx? What have we been able to do to change the way we get work done, change how we even approach the concept of work, both in the office and remotely? Let’s discuss not only these topics in general, but also within the context of smaller institutions, where such changes might prove more challenging in many regards. At the same time, the agility of a smaller college can lead to interesting opportunities.


  • Allan Chen

    VP-IT/CTO, California Institute of the Arts
  • Nathan Phillips

    CIO, American College of Healthcare Sciences