Student-Centered Leadership: Engaging Students by Design

Thursday, October 28 | 12:15PM–1:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Featured Session
Delivery Format: Featured Session

“Students first!” has become a rallying cry at colleges and universities around the world, with subtle and dramatic implications across campus. Putting students in the center requires leaders to be intentional and committed, and EDUCAUSE President John O’Brien has brought together a panel of remarkable leaders to discuss student-centered leadership. The focus of the discussion will be on sharing promising and proven strategies for leaders, aspiring leaders, and other campus professionals.


  • Pam Eddinger

    President, Bunker Hill Community College
  • Judy Miner

    Chancellor, Foothill-DeAnza Community College District
  • John O'Brien

    President & CEO, EDUCAUSE
  • Jenn Stringer

    Vice President and Chief Digital Officer, J. Paul Getty Trust