The Learning Space Feedback (LSF) Guide: Design, Development, and Implementation

Wednesday, October 27 | 2:15PM–3:00PM ET
Viewing Location: Online
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster
This session presents the considerations that were taken into account in the design and development of the Learning Space Feedback (LSF) Guide. The LSF Guide was developed based on the desire to scale and systematize our feedback practices on classroom design across many campuses at Indiana University. To do this, we developed this novel checklist-based guide for learning space designers, researchers, and non-researchers to evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of the classrooms.The LSG Guide consists of 10 clearly defined prompts to guide the evaluation and decision-making process. During the session, we will cover the answer to the following questions: • What are the characteristics of the LSF Guide? • How can the LSF Guide be used to evaluate higher education spaces? • What are the unique features of the LSF Guide?


  • Merve Basdogan

    Postdoctoral Researcher, Indiana University
  • Tracey Birdwell

    Program Director - Mosaic Initiative, Indiana University