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Present at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference

You have uncommon ideas that the higher education community needs in these uncommon times. We believe you are a perfect candidate to present the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference, October 26–29, 2021. This year’s conference will be held online and in-person in Philadelphia, PA and you’ll be able choose from where you take the stage—from your home office or from Philadelphia. Do you need a supervisor's approval to attend? We have some tips on how to convince them to provide the professional time away and financial support to attend.

Tell your supervisor why you should present:

  • Visibility. Presenting at the event elevates you as a subject matter expert and shines a spotlight on your best practices, successful collaborations, and lessons learned. Your content will also have a long reach, as sessions will be accessible by attendees for one month after the conference.
  • Networking. The EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is the best place for you to connect and learn with other higher education IT professionals, establishing vital peer networks that can share information in these critical times.
  • Professional development. When you present at this premier higher education IT conference, you will cultivate your public speaking skills and grow your self-confidence, which can lead to more opportunities for professional engagement and advancement.
  • Representation. Your networking and visibility during the conference all adds up to a positive representation of your organization to an engaged and extensive audience both domestically and internationally. Not only will you look good, so will your institution.

Remember, the event will be held online and in-person in Philadelphia, PA so you can choose how and where to present. We hope you can join us!

Watch this video to learn more about presenting at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

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Scholarships Available

Financial assistance is available to help recipients attend an EDUCAUSE conference or professional learning program, recognizing a combination of their past achievement, personal and institutional commitment, potential benefit, and financial need. Learn more →

"Make the Case" Letter

If you need help getting started, use our email template to seek your supervisor's approval (feel free to edit as you deem appropriate).

Presenter Resources

Need help with your presentation? Visit the Presenter Resources hub for everything you need to know about presenting at the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.