Building Institutional Resilience to Meet Grand Challenges

Wednesday, October 11 | 3:00PM–3:45PM CT | Poster #501, Halls F1, F2, Level 3
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session
A resilient institution is one that is able to anticipate, respond to, and adapt to rapidly changing circumstances in ways that maximize opportunities and minimize impacts of unforeseen events. The pandemic tested higher ed’s resilience and highlighted the importance of developing institutional competencies that enhance resilience, whatever the challenges ahead. EDUCAUSE has convened a task force composed of experts from across institutional areas, including IT, academics, human resources, business and finance, and risk management, to advise us as we develop resources that help institutions become more resilient. Task force members will join us at this session to discuss some of the most important attributes of a resilient institution and what you can do to help your institution be ready for whatever the future holds.


  • Kathe Pelletier

    Director, Teaching and Learning Program, EDUCAUSE
  • Betsy Reinitz

    Director, CIO and Senior Technology Leaders Program, EDUCAUSE