Live! The EDUCAUSE Rising Voices Podcast: Debunking 5 Myths about Young Professionals

Tuesday, October 10 | 10:25AM–11:15AM CT | EDUCAUSE Studio, Central Concourse, Level 3
Session Type: Lounge
Delivery Format: Lounge

The new EDUCAUSE Rising Voices podcast, which amplifies the voices of young professionals in higher education, is hosting a live podcast recording debunking 5 myths surrounding young professionals. Our hosts Wes Johnson and Sarah J. Buszka and guests Kate Hash and Monica Rosen will share personal experiences and insights to challenge misconceptions and shed light on the real aspirations, challenges, contributions, and strengths of our young professionals.


  • Sarah J. Buszka

    Senior Relationship Manager, Stanford University
  • Kate Hash

    Assistant Vice Chancellor for Customer Experience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Wes Johnson

    Executive Director Campus IT Experience, University of California, Berkeley
  • Monica Rosen

    Engagement & Assessment Educator Development Specialist, Michigan State University