Feedback from Teaching and Learning with an Immersive Digital Twin of a Chemistry Lab

Thursday, October 27 | 10:15AM–11:00AM MT | Board 404, Poster Area, Exhibit Hall B-E
Session Type: Poster Session
Delivery Format: Poster Session

Welcome to the seed of the Metaversite! At Cnam (Conservatoire nationale des arts et metiers), since 2020 we have designed an immersive twin of our chemistry lab in virtual reality. Cnam's lifelong learners have already performed a series of VR practical works to learn about security issues and perform technical work.


  • Christian Cousquer

    ICT Specialist; XR Specialist, Accessibility Speci, CSIESR
  • Thierry Koscielniak

    CSIESR Board - Chief Digital Officer at Le Cnam, CSIESR
  • Maité Sylla

    Full Professor in Organic, Biorganic and Medicinal Chemistry at Cnam, CSIESR