EDUCAUSE Events Mobile App

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The all-new EDUCAUSE Events mobile app is your go-to guide for everything you need to navigate the EDUCAUSE Annual Conference.

You'll need the mobile app to:

View the sessions and create your schedule

View the venue maps

Explore the exhibitor directory and exhibit hall map

Book your braindates

Connect with other attendees and exhibitors

Receive important event notifications

No printed agenda will be provided on-site. Download the mobile app for full event details.

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Notice to iOS 16.1 users
The EDUCAUSE mobile app does not support iOS 16.1.

If you have already updated your iOS system to 16.1, see these tips for accessing the event app.


Download the All-New Mobile App

  • Download the EDUCAUSE Events app for your device or use the web version.

  • Sign in to the app using your EDUCAUSE profile.
    Please ensure that your EDUCAUSE profile email address is up-to-date.

  • Select the "EDUCAUSE Annual Conference 2022" event and fill out your mobile app attendee profile.

  • You're now ready to use the mobile app!

5 phones showing each of the screens from opening the app through logging in and accessing the event

Please note: If you change your EDUCAUSE profile email address after signing into the mobile app, your mobile app profile will need to be updated as well.

App Highlights

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Create Your Schedule

  • View the daily schedule 

  • Explore sessions and descriptions

  • Add sessions and activities to your schedule 

  • View presenters bios

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Connect with Attendees & Exhibitors

  • Share contact information

  • Message other attendees 

  • Book Braindates

  • Export your contacts after the event

map icon

Navigate the Conference

  • View the venue and exhibit hall maps

  • Explore the event highlights 

  • Participate in the event scavenger hunt

  • Receive timely event notifications 

Helpful Tips

  • EDUCAUSE 2022 is using an all-new mobile app provider. If you have the "EDUCAUSE Conferences and Events" mobile app, please delete it and download the all-new "EDUCAUSE Events" app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store.
  • Sign in using your EDUCAUSE profile information. If you change your profile sign-in credentials you’ll have to sign in to the app again.
  • Ensure that you have the latest app version downloaded.
  • Refresh using the arrow button on the main screen for the most up-to-date information.
  • For the best experience, use the mobile version on a mobile device and the web version on a desktop.
  • Allow notifications by adjusting your phone settings to receive important event updates.

iOS 16.1 Users

The EDUCAUSE mobile app does not support iOS 16.1.

If you have already updated to iOS 16.1, follow these steps in order to access the web version of the event app.

  1. Open to web version of the app on your mobile device through your internet browser (Safari is recommended).
  2. Sign in using your EDUCAUSE profile information.
  3. Access the event information.

Need technical help? Contact [email protected]