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Be Part of the Best Thinking in Higher Ed IT

The 2022 EDUCAUSE Annual Conference is back in Denver, CO, October 25–28 and online, November 2–3.

This is the premier higher education IT event—bringing together professionals and technology providers from around the world to discuss their discoveries, grow professionally, and explore solutions to continuing challenges.

We offer several ways for you to increase your brand exposure, demonstrate your industry expertise, and make connections with key decision makers in higher education—and be part of the best thinking in higher ed IT.

Scholarships Program
Make a positive impact on the higher education thought leaders of tomorrow by contributing to the EDUCAUSE Scholarship Program.

Key Event Dates

Registration, Housing, and Sponsorships Now available
Corporate Resource Center
Your primary information center for participating in EDUCAUSE 2022.
Now available
In-Person Event | Denver, CO October 25–28
Exhibiting Dates October 26–27
Online Event November 2–3

Interested in Participating or Have Questions?

Our Corporate Team is ready to help you meet your goals. Contact us today to learn more about #EDU22 and how you can participate.